Rough Rides & Grand Times

We recently took a trip out to a particularly awesome desert oasis in Death Valley.  For the sake of keeping this place a hidden gem I am going to leave it unnamed, but if you have a strong sense of adventure, I’m sure that won’t stop you from finding it. 70 miles down a washed out, rock-filled, “be sure to bring a shovel and tow ropes” dirt road will land you here.. a desert paradise with some of the most beautiful, naturally fed hot springs I have ever seen.
The first time I came here (over 2 years ago) I was pregnant and had not yet found out.  It was pretty special being able to return this time with our little adventurer that loves hot springs, just as much, if not more than we do.  We explored the desert and the surrounding rock art, soaked in the springs, and camped out in our trusty Kelty tent that has housed our little family all over the country for the last couple of years.
These, right here, are the moments we live for.  Bodhi isn’t sitting at home watching cartoons.  He’s out in the world living and I could not be more proud.






2 thoughts on “Rough Rides & Grand Times

    1. Thank you very much, Jeremy! I get so much joy from taking my son to all of these beautiful places. Especially when I see how much he really enjoys them! I am very lucky 🙂 Thank you for your response. I appreciate it!

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