The Druid Stones

Two thousand feet above Bishop, CA, with 360 degrees of scenic paradise, is a climbing area known as The Druid Stones.  Living only 30 minutes away from this place, I was surprised I had not yet been here; so when the husband was home from work last week, we decided we should finally go check it out.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we did not check the weather first.  This quickly became an adventure.

We parked our vehicle at the base of a steep hillside and tipped our heads back to check out the trail ahead.  At the time, the weather was a favorable 55-60 degrees, sun shining, nice and warm.  As we began our steep ascent up, we found ourselves quickly sweating our asses off.  We stopped a couple of times to catch our breaths and continued on.  Did I forget to mention we were carrying way too much climbing gear, lunch AND a toddler?

Well, we finally made it up.  Here they were.  The ever so beautiful Druid Stones with some of the most magnificent views of the Owens Valley and the Eastern Sierras I have ever seen.  Along with the awe inspiring views were 30+ mile an hour winds that were blowing our sail-like, pack-carrying figures around like rag dolls.  After a 45 minute trek in his pack, Bodhi was eager to get off my husbands back and on to level ground.  It was time he explored this new territory himself.

Blake set Bodhi down on the ground just in time for a large gust of wind to come and literally pick Bodhi up and toss him into a nearby sage bush.  Being a freightened mother, I immediately ran to Bodhi’s side to see if he was ok.  Of course he’s ok!  He’s laughing his little head off as if he has just had the ride of his life.  This moment right here was a very proud mommy moment. One I won’t ever forget.

As the winds blew, we debated whether or not we should stay.  Would we enjoy it?  Bodhi is having a flipping blast.  We should find somewhere to hide, have our lunch, and climb a couple boulders.  We did just that.  Bodhi cruised around with his chalk bag, boulder brushes, occasionally being blown over by the larger gusts of wind; and we climbed a few awesome boulders.  What I thought was going to be a nightmare situation turned into being an awesome experience.   The three of us had a blast, explored a place we had never been before despite the “unfortunate” weather, and then went for a lovely afternoon soak in some nearby hot springs.  Quite the day I must say.

A side note: The very week he was born, Blake and I started taking Bodhi on climbing trips and all kinds of adventures.  He quickly became one of the most tolerant and obedient kids I have ever known.  Daily, I am blown away by his perseverance as well as his inner yearning to explore in nature.  I never thought that someone could be inspired by a toddler, but here I am, lovingly inspired by the happiness and personal strength of a 1.5 year old.







3 thoughts on “The Druid Stones

  1. Awesome photos! I just have one big question.. What career path do I need to take to be able to stay in natures backyard for two straight months, let alone with my 2 year old daughter? I envy you guys!

    1. Hey David,
      Thank you very much for your response and interest in this blog! Means a lot.
      Along with myself, I have a lot of photographer friends, (some very very successful), that get to live/ eat/ and breathe doing exactly what they love. They’ve turned their passions into a business. Whats cooler than that!? When it comes to career jobs that provide medical and retirement benefits, the options become sparse. Especially here in the Eastern Sierra.
      My husband found figured it out for himself in the oil industry. He works nearly 400 miles away in Southern California on an off-shore oil rig, but his schedule provides lots of time for playing! He works a 7 on- 7off schedule so we get to plan a lot of trips around that schedule. Thats what works for us right now. With a will theres a way!! Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Hello there! I am so amazed by your family and what you all are able to do, I LOVE your blog too. Thank you for sharing your life with the world. I have a question…it’s quite a personal question, but how are you guys able to do all that traveling? …I’m 19 and in college right now and my passion is hiking, exploring, and climbing like you. I wanted to know what type of job would allow me to travel and have the family lifestyle like yours! You are an inspiration to me and many others! Thank you so much again. God bless! 🙂 have safe travels with your little one and your husband.

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