Little Lakes Valley and the Incredible Toddler

Over the weekend we decided to make a jaunt up the hill and head out for a hike through Little Lakes Valley in Rock Creek Canyon.  There was still quite a bit of snow, ice-covered lakes, and of course, the most awe-inspiring views; but the most impressive part of our hike was our trailblazing toddler.  This little 30 inch, 1 1/2 yr old human hiked 2 miles, from the parking lot at Mosquito Flats to Heart Lake at over 10,000 ft, all by himself!


Sure, we are incredibly impressed by the abilities and ambition of our son, but this is awesome for more reasons than just that.  Very very soon we are going to be able to take him out backpacking now that his legs can assist with the journey.  And when I say soon,  I’m thinking sometime next week!

When you follow this munchkin on the trail, hear him singing and babbling to himself, finding and carrying walking sticks and rocks, and running and laughing with joy, you can really see that his spirit of adventure is STRONG.  He doesn’t want us to carry him.  He wants to be independent and explore this world on his own.  Seriously, whats cooler than that?





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