Through the Sierras we go

My husband and I were very eager to go backpacking last weekend, and with my overly ambitious self-competing nature, I decided we should push for a 2 day, 20+ mile round trip hike to Thousand Island Lake.  No big deal, right?  “Sure, I’m 5 months pregnant and will have to carry our toddler, but my husband will carry everything else.”  I said to myself, “we’ve got this!!” and the plan was set.

Early Saturday morning at around 6am we headed out on our long distance journey.  My pack, including our son Bodhi, weighed around 40 pounds.  My husband (aka sherpa’s) pack, including our home, food, water, etc, weighed around 60 pounds.  What a stud!  Then there we were.. a greatly ambitious little family cruising along the iconic Pacific Crest Trail with the most stunning views around.

A few miles in, our son Bodhi decided he was ready to hike.  I had prepared for the trip, got out his hiking boots, purchased him an awesome children’s Outdoor Research sun hat, as well as a Patagonia silk weight capaline base layer top and the kid was set!  He looked just as experienced as any other extreme hiker, and in a sense, he totally was!  People everywhere were stopping in awe as this confident pint-sized hiker cruised past them on the trail.

Later that afternoon (no joke, it took us 8 hours to hike 10 miles..yikes) we made it to the ever-so-beautiful Thousand Island Lake with majestic Mt. Banner right in our faces.  We were stunned by the beauty and we were home for the night.  The three of us and our filthy dog cuddled up for the night and slept beneath the beautiful stars.

The next morning Blake and I knew what kind of hike we had ahead of us, but somehow felt surprisingly peppy.  We packed up all of our gear, packed up the baby, and we were off!  We took a new route home on the John Muir Trail and boy-oh-boy were the views strikingly beautiful!!  I find myself saying that a lot about the scenery up here, but I’m serious…it never gets old!

10+ miles later down hot and dusty trails later we were back at the car.  Blake and I were beaming with joy from the satisfaction of what we had just endured and accomplished.  By no means was that hike easy with the circumstances we had, but we were determined, and WE DID IT!  Not only were we proud of each other, we were overwhelmingly proud of what our son had just done. Totaling 5 miles, and just under 2 years old, our little boy completely blew our minds away by kicking ass, hiking on both the Pacific Crest Trail and John Muir Trail and having the most intense deep-rooted determination I have ever seen in a child.

There is a quote that comes to mind when I think of this trip and that is, “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.”  I hope that more people remember that saying when they feel like their circumstances are going to keep them from accomplishing their dreams.  Anything is possible.  IMG_1231 IMG_1452 IMG_1293 IMG_1351 IMG_1385 IMG_1407 IMG_1421 IMG_1425 IMG_1450

6 thoughts on “Through the Sierras we go

  1. So inspiring! I love reading about your adventures! My husband and I hope to start a family soon and it is so great to read about continuing adventures with children! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Anna M. Cohen

    1. Thank you very much, Anna! I really appreciate your kind words! I have been totally slacking on this blog since the birth of my daughter, but I am doing my best to get back to it soon. I really appreciate it! xox

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