Green Dream Clothing Co.

Planting Trees and Slanging Tees

I recently came across a small clothing company out of Boulder, CO called Green Dream Clothing Company.  I absolutely love what this little company is about!  Started by Adam Swartz, this company, unlike so many others, is bringing about good change in the world with every piece of clothing sold.  For every article of clothing sold, Green Dream (via their partner organization Plant-It 2020) plants a tree in Boulder, CO, hence their very catchy motto, “Planting tees and slanging tees”.

We live in a world where the global economy is based on unsustainable principles and practices, and this guarantees that slowly, but surely, these practices will continue to greatly damage the world we live in.  People everywhere choose to close their eyes to this serious issue.  These days as a mother I am more conscious about this than ever before.  If something doesn’t change in the way we do business, 100 years from now the world as we know it will be completely different.  I don’t want my children living in a polluted, corrupt and unhealthy world.  I want them to be able to enjoy these beautiful natural places as I have!

We need to take proactive measures daily in hopes of changing this economic tide and it so pleasant seeing companies like Green Dream that are assisting in this process.  I love it!  These are the types of companies and people we need to be supporting!  Those who are consciously looking to make the world better, not worse, so for this Green Dream Clothing Co, I thank you!!

Head on over to Green Dream, check out what they are all about and show them some support!



2 thoughts on “Green Dream Clothing Co.

  1. I think there are some environmentally responsible large companies but many of the most creative and socially conscious ones are small and Green Dream Clothing Company is a good example. Consumer choices can help shape the future of the planet.

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