Welcome Back to ThrillFolk

It has been 6 months since my last blog entry and my whole world has grown since then and started shining a little bit brighter. In November, I experienced the most spectacular birth with the arrival of my little daughter, Skye Meadows. I spent the months, weeks and days prior to her delivery out hiking, climbing, and staying very active; and I have spent the last 4 months since her birth, moderately active and soaking up all of her glory. Now that I have somewhat of a routine down managing two little children and can break the magnet-like, force field of eye contact with my darling baby girl, I am ready to dive back into my projects and start writing.

Despite being completely consumed by children I have not lost sight of my big dreams. Dreaming is what I do and its one of my favorite qualities. Something I hope to pass on to these kids. When you have big dreams no matter what your situation, these dreams become your motivators; they are what drive you. My dreams consist of many high-alpine objectives. And these dreams have driven me to stay in shape throughout each pregnancy and beyond. They are what prevent me from becoming lazy, which in turn help me be a better mother.

Now, with two young children at home, a husband that works 300 miles away, and families that live between 300-800 miles away, I have my hands full and don’t have alone time, ever. I have had to become very creative with how to stay in shape. My favorite activities are hiking and climbing, and for the first few months after Skye’s arrival I would head out to the trailhead with both my kids. I typically looked like a human pack mule lugging two children around (one in a front pack, one in a backpack) and would hike as far as I could manage before my shoulders started hurting. However, due to recently occurred injuries, and not constantly wanting to lug around half my bodyweight by carrying two children, these aren’t always options for me anymore.

Thanks to a local bad-ass and lovely new friend I have acquired a new training tool to use at home. Welcome my new best friend, “The Perfect Multi-Gym”. This multipurpose device transforms your doorway into a mini gym where you use your own body weight to build lean muscle. I’ll admit that when I first began using it I could not do more than one unassisted pull-up, however, I was determined to get my strength back. I installed the multi-gym in my bedroom doorway so that every time I walked past the room I would see it and be reminded to attempt another pull-up. Along with pull-ups, I frequently do hanging leg lifts to strengthen my then soft, undefined, “after-2-babies” core. Let me tell you, it has worked!! I’m not so soft anymore, thank you very much!

Sure, sometimes I get bummed out that I can’t get into the backcountry every day, or “whenever I want” for that matter, but one thing I have noticed is that despite not getting to train in the outdoors constantly, these activities at home have been extremely helpful and beneficial to maintaining strength in the outdoors. It’s almost shocking, actually. Carrying 50-60 pounds on a trail with two kids is no joke. I’m always carrying a kid or two, so when its time to head out on a trail ALONE, I feel nearly weightless. Somehow I have managed to become an animal when I get the opportunity to get outside. Perhaps its my intense enthusiasm when I actually get that rare break, or maybe I have actually became that strong training at home, but I’m certain that the push ups, pull ups, sit ups and squats I have done at home have helped in miraculous ways.

As the snow clears out and summer comes in to the Eastern Sierras I am be very happy to start getting outside with the kids again and into the backcountry. This time with little baby Skye in tow 🙂

Hiking in Little Lakes Valley
Hiking in Little Lakes Valley

7 thoughts on “Welcome Back to ThrillFolk

  1. You are amazing! I find it hard to get motivated with one child as it is! This might be the inspiration i need to get fit again! Cheers.

    1. Thank you, Anna! Don’t get me wrong. I definitely have my moments of feeling wiped out and completely unmotivated. Thats totally normal 🙂 But if this blog helped provide a little motivation, Im stoked!! I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day!!

      1. Happy mothers day to you too Shannon! Mothers day has begun with 3 yo throwing tantrum and throwing her plate of eggs on floor. At least husband cleaning it up today since its my day! Lol.

  2. Just stumbled on your blog, wish I would have found it sooner! I am also a mother of two, with a desire to spend most of our time outdoors. I however am not, nor have ever been in the best shape physically but want to change that. We are going on our first overnight hike as a family of four in a month and am so glad I have your blog now for advice! We live in oregon surrounded by mountains and so many places to explore. I have found so many times that my boys are so much more aware when we are exploring. Please keep writing you do a good job and it is so helpful to me!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Lisa! I really appreciate it. I am so glad to hear that you are getting out with your boys and that this blog, may in a way, help you along that journey. You are going to have a blast on your trip and I hope that you can share some of that story with me 🙂 Wishing you the happiest Mother’s Day!! ❤

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