An Eastern Sierra Day

It’s 6am and the alpine glow is just beginning to hit the summits of the surrounding peaks around our home. I get up, rub my eyes, look at the jaw dropping views outside the windows and give thanks for another gorgeous day. We go to the kitchen, grind up some coffee and get ourselves ready for yet another adventure here in beautiful Eastern Sierras. It’s going to be a good one.

Jason goes out to warm up the truck and load up our bikes and packs. In a few minutes we are going to head down the hill into warmer territory to cross-train for our mountain objectives. Every day is seen as an opportunity to train, even if only for 20 minutes, but today is going to be a little different. Today we want to get in mileage.

At 8am we get down to Round Valley, romp around some dirt roads, get to the base of Tungsten Peak and put on our running shoes. We are off! Jason leads the way with a good steady pace. In just over 20 minutes we’ve reached the summit of this little classic peak, we check our time to compare it with previous times and then we eat a light and yummy snack; Munk Pack. Now its time to descend and I take the lead.


We run back down the trail like feather-light gazelles in the wild. When we reach the truck, we check the time again and to our surprise, boom; we’ve broke our record. Sweet! 38 minutes car-to-car. Drink some water, stretch a little and it’s now time to pull out the road bikes and ride our favorite Round Valley loop. 20 miles. Let’s go!

Again, Jason takes the lead and sets the pace. A strong one. I’m into it! I draft behind Jason and smile at the captivating views all around us. It really doesn’t get any better than this. We swap leads drafting behind each other and I find myself giggling with excitement. Sooner than we expect, we are back at the truck and check the time again. We’ve just had a radical morning of cross-training all in under 2 hours and we are stoked!


What’s next you may ask? Well, now its time to climb! To the Owen’s River Gorge we go. I want to see what my body is capable of. I want to see how hard I can really push it. I want to get home at the end of the day and feel completely exhausted from having the best day I can possibly have. It’s these exact moments that we live for. It’s these moments that keep us happy through the mundane day-to-day work week. It’s these training days that keep us strong, motivated and excited to train more, excited to train harder and to keep on going each and every day.

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