Parenting Creates Better Athletes: Believe It!

There is a common misconception that becoming a parent will forever restrict personal dreams, goals and future accomplishments.  I am here to tell you that is total bullshit.  Contrary to popular belief, children do in fact, help build better athletes.  All it takes is a creative, strong-willed parent who will do whatever it takes to reap the benefits of both; an accomplished parent and relentless athlete.

Four years ago I became a mother.  Needless to say my life has forever been changed.  But when everyone told me to say goodbye to my life of freedom and fun, I found myself feeling offended.  I never knew what the world of parenting would be like, but I certainly knew it wouldn’t be some self-restraining, fat-ass-on-the-sofa eating potato chips, white jacket in a padded room, feeling sorry for myself life.  Right then it became my life’s mission to prove to myself what the world of parenting could be.  It could be whatever I wanted it to be!  Right then I chose RAD.

From mountain summits and high alpine lakes to rock climbing and long-distance bicycle chariot rides, these kids have seen the world of extreme sports and fitness first hand.  My parents did it with me in a slightly more mild form and its now my turn to share it with them.  These experiences, though at times very tough, make for some seriously strong-willed, give it everything you’ve got, parents.  It is training in and of itself.  Mental training.  Physical training.  Endurance training.  What are you willing to do to live your life WITH your children?  Are you brave enough to find out?  This is where the true magic happens.

In the last 4 years I have became a better athlete and human all around.  I have accomplished things I never could have imagined prior, and am actually in better shape now than before becoming a mother.  The harder I try, the stronger I get.  The stronger I get, the more I am able to see that I can do whatever I put my mind to.  When I am in that place of trying hard and succeeding, not only am I succeeding for myself, I am succeeding for my kids.  I have never been more fit both emotionally and physically in my life and I owe it to two pint sized humans that always have my back.  They drive me nuts, love me unconditionally and have made me tough as nails.  I am forever grateful.

By no means do I have this whole thing figured out.  I have a lot of trials and errors, but they are good ones.  They all teach me lessons and help me grow as a human being and I just find myself trying harder and harder and giving my best all the time.

Our favorite adventure-glasses by Spy Optic, @spyoptic,


Not only do you now have your own personal cheerleading squad to root you on, but you are also giving an invaluable gift to your children by being a first hand example of determination, fearlessness and fortitude.  NEVER GIVE UP.



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