SPY Optics Put To The Test!

When it comes to getting out there, those who know me know that when I am out rambling and scrambling I will, without a doubt, be giving it my all.  My body and my gear take significant beatings and I have been known to thrash through shoes, athletic tights and sunglasses as if they’re going out of style.  Sunglasses, however, are not an area in which I am wiling to compromise my eyes for poor quality gear, so I set out to find a brand of sunglasses that could be put to the test and last.  This is what I found.

First, SPY optics will take the beating of a lifetime!  Whether you are bike riding, mountain climbing, trail running or baby wrangling, SPY’s rough and tough shades will hold up to just about anything.  We have found the new top notch ‘Happy Lens’ featured in many of the company’s frames is fantastic with its superior color and anti-glare qualities.

Second, if you thought that I was the one that will put holes in indestructible shoes and get any pair of sunglasses to break like butter, you haven’t met my other half, Jason!  Together, we are two peas in a pod and it is almost comical to see what kind of thrashing this guy can accomplish in and out of the mountains.  Luckily for us, we are finding gear that lasts.


I am a big fan of both practical and functional gear.  Style is much lower on the scale of interest for me, but what I love about Spy is that they provide both!  When I could care less about looks and need a trusty full coverage frame to protect my eyes from the harsh elements of high altitude sun, wind, rain and so on, I opt for the Screw frame seen below.  I use the Screw for both trail running and cycling (as well as mountain climbing) as they do not ever slide down my face.  I also want to note that a huge reason for choosing this pair was because of how low they came down on my cheeks providing that no light reflection would be coming up from below.  Earlier in the season while climbing a large snow couloir on Mt. Humphreys, I wore a cheap pair of sunglasses that did not properly cover my eyes.  Snow reflected bright light up through the bottom of my sunglasses and I severely burned my eyes causing permanent damage.  SPY’s screws insure that will never happen again.. as long as I hold on to them!



Jason will work with whatever, whenever, and has grown very fond of the Rocky’s seen below.  This pair of glasses came with the super handy leash attachment which makes certain that they will stay with and on him longer than usual.  He has been known to use duct tape to secure glasses with a “leash” in the past, but this is much, much better.

J somewhere along the Kearsarge Pinnacles rocking SPY’s Rocky shades

There are times that I don’t need the extremely 80’s, full coverage qualities that the Screw provides, so I switch it up with the much more feminine Cameo frame with polarized lenses.  If you’re into style as well as function this set up is amazing!  The view and quality of the lens is the best I’ve tried yet.



Last but not least, my favorite Alcatraz frame!

Over the last couple months, we have put these glasses through a gaunlet of “tests” and I could not be more stoked with the quality of sunglasses provided by SPY!  Thank you guys so much for making a product that will handle the abuse that some of us put on our gear.  Thanks for protecting our eyes and providing us a much more comfortable and sustainable experience out in these wild places.

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