Mind Over Matter

I am seriously impressed with the power of the mind.  It is so easy to get distracted by negative thoughts that limit your abilities, but if you take the steps to reboot and refresh your mind, you too will be wildly impressed with your capabilities. After a couple of extremely boring weeks of thinking my son was […]

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Never Stop Dreaming

I’ve always been told that I live in a fantasy world. That I need to snap out of my bubble and come back to reality. Well, you know what, I like it just fine exactly where I am- in a perfectly fine and lovely bubble where I am free to imagine and fantasize about all […]

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Through the Sierras we go

My husband and I were very eager to go backpacking last weekend, and with my overly ambitious self-competing nature, I decided we should push for a 2 day, 20+ mile round trip hike to Thousand Island Lake.  No big deal, right?  “Sure, I’m 5 months pregnant and will have to carry our toddler, but my […]

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