Midweek in Mammoth

Nestled deep inside the heart of California’s iconic Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains is the legendary, high altitude ski town of Mammoth Lakes.  Originally home to the native Paiute tribe more than 1,000 years ago, the town of Mammoth once dubbed as “Mammoth City” was developed in the late 1800s as a mining camp during California’s Gold […]

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Summer of Dreams

It has been a summer of dreams.  They usually are.  The snow clears out, the animals are out in plenty, the trails open up and suddenly there’s a whole new world to explore.  Right out our back door.  The Eastern Sierra backcountry.  A place where dreams turn to reality.  A place some wild and free […]

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An Eastern Sierra Day

It’s 6am and the alpine glow is just beginning to hit the summits of the surrounding peaks around our home. I get up, rub my eyes, look at the jaw dropping views outside the windows and give thanks for another gorgeous day. We go to the kitchen, grind up some coffee and get ourselves ready […]

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Ready or Not

Flight No. 483 to Phoenix has boarded. The pilot informed all passengers to buckle their seatbelts and prepare for take off. And as per usual, a smile stretched across my face as the wanderlust pulsed through my veins. I was ready. I thought. Then plane took off. Looking out my window I watched as our […]

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Welcome Back to ThrillFolk

It has been 6 months since my last blog entry and my whole world has grown since then and started shining a little bit brighter. In November, I experienced the most spectacular birth with the arrival of my little daughter, Skye Meadows. I spent the months, weeks and days prior to her delivery out hiking, […]

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